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Chameleon Chips
Casino accessories often feature in magical displays. In this video, poker chips inexplicably swap places without any interference from the magician. Comes with a brochure explaining 11 different routines. Watch the video for a sample.
$7.25 $6.89
Chip Canery
Poker chips are synonymous with gambling, casinos and cheating. The video exhibits a good dose of cheating, using poker chips as a focus. There are three poker chips - two red and one black. Time and again, the magician causes the black chip to vanish. Each time it re-appears between the two red chips....
$7.95 $7.55
Displaced Atoms
Almost a demonstration in quantum physics, here's a magic video suggesting that two solid objects can occupy the same space. The magician causes a drinking straw to penetrate a solid poker chip. The straw is then withdrawn, and both items are offered for examination. Video shows the full effect.
$4.35 $4.13
Magic Rings and Token
Appearances and disappearances are fairly commonplace in the magic arena. This video depicts a simple example, that has become very popular among the younger members of the magic fraternity. A token, covered by a stack of rings and a disc, strangely disappears. The stack is re-assembled and, following...
$4.75 $4.51
Three Questions
Poker-chip magic is very popular. Easy to carry - easy to handle. Three simple questions are asked of the audience. All they need do is guess the where-abouts of two coloured tokens. And yet on each occasion, all three questions are answered wrongly. Take a look here.
$3.75 $3.38
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