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Bottoms Up
Magician shows three cards depicting empty wine glasses, all facing the same way. Inexplicably, the centre card inverts itself to face the other way. This can be repeated, but on the second occasion, the centre card shows a glass filled with yellow liquid! Have a peek at the video.
$8.75 $8.31
Cards From Nowhere
Something from nothing - that's a welcome thought! A card box is opened out to show that it's completely empty. It is now folded back into the shape of a pack of cards. The magician makes a magic motion, and immediately pours a full deck of cards from the empty box. See the video.
$8.95 $8.06
Restore Box
Here's a demonstration of what some say is a classic magic trick, known as the 'Torn & Restored Card'. It has certainly been around for quite some time. The magician tears up a chosen card, and retains one corner. The pieces are placed in a small box and the magic word is uttered. On opening the box,...
$7.95 $7.55
Incredible Shrinking Cards
This is a magical effect I particularly enjoy. I've personally performed a version of this over many years, and it has always met with great approval. A fan of cards gradually becomes smaller and smaller, finally disappearing altogether. This is an improved version of a popular effect, bringing a proven...
$7.45 $7.08
Face Off
A magic trick with a twist at the end is always met with audience acceptance. The video shown is of such classification. The audience freely chooses 3 suits from the 4 available in a deck of cards. From the 4 cards in the magician's hat, the three chosen suits are removed one by one. The one remaining...
$5.75 $5.46
Shrinking Card Box
I love magic tricks where the onlookers are left completely puzzled, saying "That's impossible". In this video, the magician removes a regular deck of cards from its box. The cards are placed on the table and the box is set next to them. To the amazement of the audience, the box has shrunk to an alarming...
$5.75 $5.46
Flash Card Change
The simplicity of using only three playing cards instead of a complete deck is, I believe, quite appealing. I hope you enjoy the accompanying video, designed for viewing pleasure. It is a variation on a very old magic trick used by con-men called the "Three Card Monte", and even older as the "Shells...
$5.25 $4.99
Loyal Royals
Card tricks can, I believe, become rather boring. So I like to present videos that get away from the "Choose a card - Lose a card - Find a card" category. I think you'll find this one a little more interesting. Sixteen cards are dealt into four piles of four. Each pile contains one court card and three...
$4.95 $4.70
Message By Water
Here's an exhibition that will appeal to those intrigued by the world of spirit phenomena. If not, then simply attempt to solve the riddle it poses. A member of the audience is given a free choice in their selection of a playing card. The magician then introduces another card, this time depicting a small...
$4.95 $4.70
Four Cards Illusion
Quick changes to a short stack of cards - seemingly impossible. A hand of four cards is shown - all of the same value. With a small amount of effort, the magician changes the cards to four aces! A big surprise. See video.
$4.75 $4.51
Card Through Banknote
We never like to see legal tender being destroyed, but in this video the result is quite acceptable. The magician pushes a playing card through a banknote in full view, leaving no damage. This differs somewhat from the traditional method of using a sleeve or cover to enclose the note before perforation....
$4.95 $4.46
Ghost Escape
Whether you like ghost stories or escapes from bondage, I have a demonstration that might appeal to you. The magician shows three cards - two depicting a haunted house, and one of a ghost. The three cards, ghost in the centre, are attached securely to a key-chain. Magically, the ghost escapes from the...
$4.95 $4.46
Odd One Out
Predictions are a fascination. When a magician makes a prediction, we know there's a trick but it's not always easy to discover. Here's a demonstration of a prediction, with an unexpected ending. A card freely chosen by the audience, matches exactly the magician's prediction. As a bonus, it is disclosed...
$4.95 $4.46
Nice Catch
The magician secures a playing card onto a safety-pin, and hands it to a spectator for examination. The spectator is then handed a second card for examination. The magician then causes the two cards to change places in an instant, leaving the spectator's card impaled on the closed pin. Both cards are...
$4.75 $4.28
Three Card Change
It's one thing to perform magic with a deck of cards, but it's much harder to trick an audience using only three cards. In this display, three blank cards are shown, and with a slight circular rubbing motion, a red spot appears on one of the cards. The magician now causes all three cards to contain a...
$4.25 $4.04
Magic Spell
This is a rather unique presentation, where-in two words are spelled out, MAGIC and SPELL, with one card changing position on every letter. From six cards, four are randomly chosen for the audience members. The remaining two, claimed by the magician, turn out to be the only ones with pictures. The 'audience'...
$4.45 $4.01
Invisible Card
Here's another magic trick involving only three cards, so there isn't a full deck to confuse the onlooker. Magicians often use a disappearance to astound the audience, so here's one you may not have seen. Three cards in a fan are displayed to the audience. The middle card is a court card. The fan is...
$4.25 $3.83
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